24 Aug WekFest San Jose 2016 Part 3

The final parting words for part 3 of our Wekfest San Jose coverage. WekFest has always been a fun event. Cars, models, wide array of different companies covering all parts of the automotive world and most importantly, genuine people. The organizers of WekFest genuinely care about what they do and it shows. The amount of detail and effort that go through for each and every show really shines. Especially when you take a step back and really look at the event as a whole.

There really isn’t much left to say. WekFest has proven time and time again that they have a winning event formula. The fans have proven that they love the formula as they come out to each event, regardless of location, by the masses. Lines out the door that sometimes don’t seem like it will end. Then walking around cramped in aisles like sardines. It’s crazy that it never changes and we’re glad to have gone to as many events for WekFest as we can and will continue to do so from now until forever.

I hope you enjoyed the WekFest coverage. Remember, if you end up sharing any of the pictures please take us so we can get to know who owners are cause for the most part… we’re not sure who owns what, yet. Thank you again!