24 Aug WekFest San Jose 2016 Part 2

As always, WekFest has some of the dopest cars available on display. Some of Cali’s finest make the trek all the way over to NorCal just to attend. It’s definitely worth it as you get to enjoy the beautiful city of San Jose and all it has to offer, on top of the wondrous joy that WekFest gives.

The day of roll in was pretty crazy. We got there when a little over half the show was somewhat setup as booth companies and show goers alike were still getting things organized and cleaning what they need to. It gave us time to do a quick walk around and have some small talk with friends and fam before getting to the business of shooting as many cars as I could in a limited time frame before roll in ends. I had to make sure I could get as much possible during roll in because the day of the show… I was not going to get any pictures because the sheer volume of people that show up during WekFest SJ is insane. Trust me, we’ve been up there during 3 different WekFest events and the amount of people crammed into any given location is crazy.

Finally, the day of the show. We got there a little late as we were still slightly recovering from the past days activities and late night conversations. But when we got there, the line to get in the event was all the way out the door! It’s been a long time since i’ve seen a line be the crazy. But every Wekfest, I swear it happens because the show goers know exactly what they’re getting into. An amazing venue, with an amazing staff and a good ol time checking out all the dope cars.

Hope you enjoy Part 2 of the coverage. Part 3 will be available tomorrow!