29 Aug WekFest Long Beach 2017 Part 2

So as to not make this any longer than it needs to be, and not much else needs to be said about how amazing Wekfest is, i’m going to spare everyone from my ramblings and enjoy the pictures! As always, thanks for checking out the blog. We appreciate every single one of you that visit the site and take time to take a look at our coverage.

Sometimes, seeing the FR-S like this one makes me miss mine. The color and the kit just looks good.

Making me fall in love with wagons all over again. Thanks Johnny and welcome back to the car scene fun.

Quans BMW M3 looking oh so clean as usual. It’s oh so pretty.

I still kind of sort of want a Honda Grom. This color way just makes it look so good.

These super wide Emitz are perfect on here

Marcus’s Accord sitting pretty at Wekfest.

S2000 motor in a toyota truck? Yes please!

I still have a soft spot for the RSX. Seeing them pop up more and more got me thinking about building one.

That camber life is real. 

Like really real.

Always looking clean at all events

Future engine bay goals. Loving the contrasting colors used in this RSX.

Leon’s amazing NSX gracing us with it’s presence. One of my favorites.

Super clean S2k from NVUS.