06 Aug Wekfest Long Beach 2016 Part 3

Not really much else to add here that hasn’t been said about Wekfest as a whole. It’s a fun event that really brings out the best of the best. Especially when it comes to Cali cars, it often times brings out the fiercest competitors to win those coveted trophies and awards. But that’s not always why we enter car shows. We often times go into events expecting not to win as we enjoy the time spent with our friends/fam much more enjoyable than winning a trophy. Not saying that a trophy wouldn’t be nice, but these events provide more than that. They provide a good atmosphere to just shoot the shit with our friends and make possible future connections and new friends while we’re at it. The trophy is just the icing on the cake.

elroys mazda6

The Autofashion USA Mazda 6 was on display that day.  Its one of a kinda stateside Mazda 6 caught alot of peoples attention because not alot of people knew what make and model it is.  Showing off its J- Unit Body kit with its gold brush finish Leon Hardiritt Gamut wheels wrapped with some Falken Tire FK453 tires. The suspension was supplied by AIRREX to make it sit nice.  Such a great Daily car.

ojays ls430

We also had Ojay’s LS430 on display.  This K break equipped LS has alot of touches to it such as the Gold paint along with the Artisan Spirits Fenders and some custom retrofit headlights.  Even with the wheels not being so aggressive like how alot of people have them these days this classic look is still timeless and can still top some of the builds out there.


It was good seeing our good friend Leon out there with his Widebody NSX sitting pretty.  Black looks so good but that day must of been the worst due to the dust being kicked up from parking in the grass area.


Another car we got to see that day was our good friend Pat, He has always been a supporter of the shop and we would like to thank him for always putting us on the car.

I… kind of ran out of things to say by part 3. So I hope you enjoyed the Wekfest Long Beach 2016 coverage. Until the next event!