04 Aug Wekfest Long Beach 2016 Part 1

So… I tend to take a lot of pictures at events. This is a good/bad thing depending on how you look at it. But just to make things easier, we decided to split the Wekfest Long Beach coverage up into 3 parts because lets face it, there were a ton of dope cars at the show and it’d be a waste to put it all in one post.

Wekfest has become one of the must go to events whenever it’s in town. The amount of work that the Wekfest team goes through to get everything staged and organized is amazing. So shout out to all of the Wekfest staff for doing phenomenal work in getting everything worked out and made for an easy roll in for us.

But the cars, the cars is what truly makes Wekfest shine as only the best of the best are displayed and it truly shows. You have everything available for your eyes to view. VIP, JDM, Euro, Race, Stance, Old School, New school and everything else that could’ve possibly be named. It was all present. That’s what really makes us, as car enthusiasts, happy. It shows that our scene is thriving. It shows that there’s people, new and old, that still love our side of the car world enough to not only build it, but support events that allow them to display what all there hard work and dedication was done for.

This being Part 1, please enjoy all thats available here and Part 2 will be available tomorrow!