What can we say about WEKFEST Japan but that it did it again for the 4th Year.  Since I was on a solo mission im glad that I had Suu to capture some photos at the event while I was working the AF Booth and Judging.  It was alot of things going on and since I didnt even sleep the night before I was so tired through out the day.  Lets get to the photos!

Tomo from SouthSiiiiide’s  Civic Wagon.  This thing is always so nice and clean with alot of modifications.

“Its not because of your booty its your beauty”  Thank You Kazuki for displaying your car in our booth!

Everyone came out with great spirits!

Such a clean ISF.  You dont see many of these anymore…

Ikuto Debuting his new build and came out clean!

Eishi also came out and displayed his clean S2K


Again thanks for checking out our blog and stay tuned for WEKFEST LONG BEACH Coverage.