And here it is! Sorry that my coverage is a little small.  I did miss alot of the cars because I had to judge and man the AF Booth.  What Can I say about Wekfest Japan…Its gets better every year.  This year the quality of cars came to the the show with it all out on the line.  Its been so long since I used a camera and let alone remember settings of the camera to shoot indoors.  Again thank you to Hiro for letting me borrow his camera during my stay in Japan.  My plan was to have Su do the photos but he was used as Wekfest Japan Staff and I really didnt have a choice.  Every year I never do any coverage of Wekfest Japan because I am always at the event alone and the only time I can do any type of photos are from my phone and during the roll in.  This Year I wanted to at least get what I can and I did.  I did most of the shooting during roll in but couldnt get everything because I was running on no sleep in order for me to be at the venue at 4am. I would like to thank Kazuki from Cross Glow for displaying his Ferarri in our booth and helping me out. Also would like to thank Tomo and Shizue from Southsiiiiide for also helping me at the booth.  Thanks to all the Supporters we have out in Japan for coming by the booth and saying hi and buying stuff. Now on to the pictures…

One of my favorite new builds that I seen was this CRX.  As you can see I only had a chance to snap a shot while they were cleaning during roll in.  Im sure you will see alot of this car on other photo coverage of the show.  Good job Osaka JDM/FIVE MART.

This is the car that surprised me this year because in order to win he changed up the whole car and did.  I didnt expect him to change everything but he did and it turned out great.  Shun changed out the wheels and changed the color with a satin purple wrap!  If you didn’t know, this was the white one with the purple AG wheels from the AFVIPFESTJAPAN event.

Ever since I saw this car, I fell in love!!!  Takumi’s Civic is just so perfect to me that if i had a chance to get one I want it to look like his!!!  I heard that this car was crashed pretty bad, but seeing it at the show made it seem like nothing happened to it at all.

This picture is when I was trying to mess with the settings on the camera because from the 86/BRZ Sonic Show that was outside, the settings needed to be changed for the indoor which I had no clue how to really change it since all the menus on the camera were in Kanji but I managed to figure a little bit out.  This integra from Yama’s Crew really makes me miss my DC2 =(

Masa “Chiba” from IMPORT Accord came out with a whole new everything and I really like the color.

 Yasu from “EXCEED JAPAN” looking so happy to have no sleep and being at a show…Reminds me of how we are here in the states hahaha.

I really like this S13/180sx because of how clean and simple it is.

Clean and Simple like back in the days before the market got flooded with all the BS parts…

Thanks for checking out the blog post and enjoy more pictures in the Gallery.  Sorry if the pictures suck hahaha.

Thanks – Freddie