Here is my contribution of Wekfest Japan this past May 3rd,2018.  I didn’t have a lot of time since I was judging and had a lot of cars to look at.  Before our judges meeting I had about a hour to roam around and take some pictures.  Not all of them came out as good because I’m not a photographer and usually Kevin does the pictures and the blog entries, so bear with me and my typos and run on sentences hahaha.

This trip was a short one and didn’t have a lot of time to do much because I had to be back for the Eibach meet which was on Sunday May 7th.  I had a lot of work at the shop to get things done before I headed to Japan and then Had more to finish when I got back.  So thats why I didn’t come earlier  or stay longer.  

Any who… I would like to thank everyone for helping me such as the Southsiiiiide Crew for watching my booth while i was judging, Thank You Tomo and Shizue for that.

This year is another Debut from Kazuki with his Aston that he finished just for us for the event.  Thank You Kazuki!!!  We will try to debut a new build from Kazuki each year if we end up going =)

Tactical Art finished this EK for the event and it came out dope!!!  Always good to see our friends from Tactical Art.

Always good to see Ryo Yoshimura’s M45 and also him at events.  Always a favorite and can’t wait to see what else he’s going to do next.  who knows maybe a kit 😉

It was good to see Hiro with his FD out there with his crew and Airrex Japan.  I first met him at AFFEST and he’s such a good guy I hope to see more and more of his car and the other FD’s!

Such a clean car but the camber and the flares I wasn’t feelin…

Still one of my favorites is Masatoshi Sakuma benz wagon…it went through a few changes and still killing it!

Clean Evo, Not sure of who owns it but I liked how everything was blacked out and it kinda reminded me of our 4Runner hahaha.

Such an interesting car that Airrex Japan brought out. This Mazda Capella Delux was was heavily modified.  This usually comes in a 4dr but they molded the rear door and put a full cage in it. The front end is also cleaned up from marker lights.  I wanted to check out what it had under the hood but didn’t see it even open.

Such a clean FC from Team Level One Japan.  Im sure you will see more of this car.

Some clean 510’s displayed from Coupes to 4drs to Wagons…so dope!

This picture was by accident, I don’t know how or why it came out with it looking like it was under a spot light but I thought it was cool hahaha.  This was one of my favorite 86’s that were there.

This Black Limited Hachi Roku with the Levin front is another favorite of mine.

Speed Forme brought our their S30 240Z and is so dope! Got to talk to the owner and his Wife for awhile and hopefully their will be some future plans in the work!

Always good to see Nakan from Old and New when I’m in Japan.  Such a good guy!

I found this car interesting… Its cool to see things we done here in the US across the world in the mother land on cars they done.  I guess car guys all think alike from all over the world hahaha.  

Here goes another year for Wekfest Japan and I can’t wait to come back.  I probably wont be back till next year for our event AFFEST in January 2019 so hopefully I will get to see a lot of these guys again and meet more cool people in the car scene in Japan.

Enjoy more pictures in the gallery and thanks for checking out my little bit of coverage hahaha. – Freddie