01 Dec VIPFest Pre-Meet 2018

At the culmination of a long week of SEMA, we always have a Pre-meet before our annual VIPFest. We do this as a way for us to get together with friends and fam that we weren’t able to see or meet during the week as it’s always so hectic. Also as a way for people to have one more thing to do before ending the week. But first and foremost, thanks as always to our Squad One family out in Vegas as they always help us organize this. They help us get a spot to do the meet at and be amazing hosts for the event. So next time you see them or are in Vegas, please thank them as they do for a lot for us without many knowing.

The location we had this year was unique in it’s own right. Instead of the typical parking lot we’ve done in the past, this offered both an upper parking area and an underground parking lot, which posed some interesting obstacles for some people. Mainly, that for those that are lower than low, the end of the ramp that goes down wasn’t that smooth of a transition to flat. So some scraped, some went down flawlessly and of course, one person got stuck because they didn’t want to ruin their kit/wheels/etc. It was, for lack of a better term, enjoyable but also interesting as many got together to help get the car down and parked. Thankfully, nothing got damaged or destroyed.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. But this was a successful meet in our eyes and we do appreciate everyone that came out and spent their last couple hours with us before heading into the weekend and some final rest and relaxation. We will continue to do these every year and we hope that everyone that came this year, will continue to join us in the years to come.