29 Jul Tuner Evolution Spring Gathering

Tuner Evolution, or TunerEvo for short, is a relatively unknown show on the West Coast. But you go to the East Coast and it’s one of the premier events that anyone in the car scene looks forward to year after year. They offer the best of the best at there events and people from all over the US go to it. Now, after being successful on the East, TunerEvo might have there eyes set on the West Coast and to start it off, they held a Spring Gathering for cars to come out and support.


As always, we have to show support for those that support us. So we came out and brought a couple cars and the booth. Thank you again to Gam and Ron for coming with us in the morning to display their cars. We greatly appreciate it as always. As a whole, the event had a good turnout and we enjoyed ourselves while we were out there. We hope everyone did as well and we can hopefully get a TunerEvo on the west soon enough!

Do enjoy the coverage and we can’t wait till the next one!