19 Jul Touring Osaka with the fambam

This one… could get a bit long with all the pictures I’m about to add just to the post. Osaka is a wondrous city with so much to do in so many different places. It’s the mecca of food for all of japan and we took full advantage of that. Trust me. Not only the food, but the people and places we went to were all very caring and accommodating to us and we couldn’t have been more appreciative.

First and foremost, we need to thank Hiro and his family for literally everything. He has helped us tremendously from the moment we landed all the way until the moment he dropped us off at the airport to wave us goodbye. I think without him, we probably would’ve been scrambling a bit to get from place to place. We owe him a lot as he just made things easy going everywhere we went.

One of our stops in Osaka was to go to Hiro’s shop, KC Trading. It’s small but he still does a lot. And the best part, we got to see his R32 that he recently started to get running. It was suuuuuper clean and i wanted to drive it… but i’m scared because it’s right hand drive and i’ll panic. But, this was also the day he let us graciously borrow his BMW to drive around for a bit. He needed to take care of some business and so did we and thankfully he let us borrow the BMW. But, while we were messing around, Steve and nate got to tour the neighborhood in Hiro’s Kei truck. The giggles from these two were intense to say the least haha.

We also go to walk around the area near Hiro’s shop just to kill some time as we were waiting for some stuff. It’s definitely a nice change of pace to be able to walk through a town and see what the neighborhoods were like.


We stopped by an Up Garage as we wanted to see if there was anything some of the guys back home wanted. We found a couple things, which we were thankful for, as some parts will help us in some of our builds.

Eventually, we made our way to Dōtonbori. Home of some very famous tourist spots such as the Glico Man and all the different food animals outside of shops. Walking through the city felt… different than walking through Tokyo. Just a completely different atmosphere than the tourist centric mindset that is Tokyo. But it was a nice change of pace as we can see what the other side of Osaka is all about. I loved this place. So many hidden little shops and restaurants stretched across so many blocks. It was definitely an interesting experience walking through here.

We also got to visit Sinsekai. Home to a variety of Biliken statues, in various sizes and designs and even more delicious food spots. We mainly just walked through this place and went sight seeing to all the randomness that surrounded us.

We also visited the Osaka Aquarium. Freddie got to visit it last time and he said it was awesome so we all wanted to go again this time. It was a sight to behold as we got to see so many different species of fish and animals along with the massive 4 or 5 story tank that held an ever growing whale shark and a ton of happy sting rays.

The last stop for the night was one of the tastiest Yakiniku places i’ve been too. It was the perfect end to a pretty busy couple days of just being tourists and exploring Osaka.