09 Mar Tokyo Night Meet 2016

After all the madness that was Tokyo Auto Salon, with the help of The Chronicles and Exceed Japan, we helped to present the Tokyo Night Meet on Jan. 16, 2016 at Umihotaru (Tokyo Bay Aqualine). First, let me thank every single car/person that came out for the Tokyo Night Meet. It meant a lot to us knowing that many people were willing to come out and spend their evening with us.

Even though it was nice for us to see with our eyes cars of show quality at TAS, it was a nice change of pace to see the cars that run the streets day in and day out. And boy, did they come out! Tons of cars showed up on, i swear, the coldest of nights… on one side. In the parking structure, on one side specifically, the wind just wouldn’t stop and it just hurt to shoot cars on that side I swear. But i think thats why most people gravitated towards the non-windy side just to stay a slightly bit warmer.

But the cars that came out were all kinds of amazing. All different build types came out and even had some Ruckus’s. Similar to the quality of TAS, the cars that showed up to the meet were definitely top notch and the variety kept it interesting for me to consistently walk around as newer cars kept rolling in throughout the night.

Definitely glad we were able to help throw this event as it got us a closer glimpse into what Tokyo cars had to offer. Hopefully we can come back next year and do another one!

– AFSpecialK