10 Feb Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 – Part 2

We always wish we had more time while at Tokyo Auto Salon. We always plan to spend just one day at Tokyo Auto Salon as we need to do other stuff and not spend all our precious time at TAS. But sometimes, I wish we had just a little more time because one day really isn’t enough to cover the entire venue. There’s just way too many cars and vendors to squeeze into one day. But, we make do and provide with what we can. The hardest part about trying to rush everything is that you have to learn a lot of patience. There’s always cars you want to take pictures of, but since there’s tons of people everywhere, and they sometimes never move, it’s hard to get that clean shot. So learning to sit there and wait for a couple minutes is required many many times throughout the day.

But with what we were able to cover, we’re happy with. TAS always brings multiple types of cars as all different vendors are spread out all over the venue. I like that in one venue, you can see literally everything. JDM, VIP, Drift, Euro, USDM, Old School, etc. Everything under the sun is on display as new parts are being constantly developed for every platform and TAS is the perfect platform to show it off. They even have crazy camper trucks and vans that have really dope and intricate setups that you could only imagine. I wish I was able to get pictures of some of these.

For the most part though, I think we’re able to cover a majority of the good stuff. I know we missed some stuff and we’re sorry about that. But do please enjoy the rest of these pictures and hope you liked what you saw!