09 Feb Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 – Part 1

Every year that we go to japan for the AFFestival, we try to plan it around either Tokyo Auto Salon or Osaka Auto Messe. At the very least we try and bounce back and forth between the two events every year as AFFest land right in between both. This year, we decided to head out to Japan a little earlier and go to TAS instead of Osaka Auto Messe… obviously by the title of this post. As of this post, I think we made a good choice in going to TAS as we saw a ton of amazing cars out there. Hopefully these pictures you’ll see in these two posts kind of show off some of the amazing that was on display.

TAS really is like the SEMA of Japan. When you go, it’s almost truly overwhelming with the amount of cars, vendors and everything in between. It’s almost overly intimidating on every level. I only say that cause the sheer volume of areas and cars just seems to stretch for miles. But as soon as you start walking through all the cars, you kind of get lost in it all and begin to enjoy the adventure. Seeing all your favorite companies, both old and new, and seeing what they have to offer gets increasingly exciting. Then on top of seeing all your favorite companies, you also get to see some of your favorite cars designed and built in a variety of ways. It’s euphoric in it’s own right as it very well should be. TAS really is a magical place that everyone needs to go to at least once in their life time as a car person.

While I say all that, I still can’t believe the stuff we see at TAS every year. I remember only being able to enjoy TAS through magazines or some random forums posts. Now seeing it live and in person gives it all new meaning. We really do love getting to be able to see some of the new parts that companies have to offer right then and there along with everyone else. Especially with the launch of all the different Toyota Supra everything, I was glad to be there to see all of it. Being owners of a Supra ourselves, we were intrigued at all the many many options that are now available and got us thinking of what we could possibly do next. Oh the possibilities. But the reality is, that we as car maniacs, just loved seeing almost every car represented to some capacity. What we find really interesting is all the different colors that many builders use and some of the livery designs as well. Some keep it very simple, while many others go all out. That’s what we love to see cause it means not everyone sticks to the same old things and continue to be unique and as interesting as possible!

With that said, please enjoy part 1 and we will have part 2 up very soon!