Everyone wants to know how we do things at Autofashion.

This will go into detail on one of our projects. When we want to do things, we want to do them right! This is the inside of a Lexus GS, full interior being redone as we speak. The fully redone interior will be debuting at the infamous HIN LA, along with other specialty items done to this particular GS. When you thought it was done, and I’m sure most of you thought it was done… it was actually getting redone again (^__^).

GS Fender

As a lot of people have seen this car at the annual holiday Lexus meet, little did people know that each and every fender flare are completely designed, shaped and made from metal!  A lot of people tend say that “they” are the first to do metal fenders but when you think about it… people have been doing it from the beginning of time. We don’t claim to be the first, but on this car we did it a bit differently and provided our own style, instead of duplicating a vented fender.

This craze started out with metal fenders by companies like WALD and ARTISAN SPIRITS. As time passed people didn’t want to pay the price of custom metal fenders. So many of the companies began creating a cost effective part made out of fiberglass that could easily be bolted up to oem specs.  This caught on to a lot of other companies and they all decided to make them the same way, to cut cost and get out a product to the consumer.  Everyone thinks this came about from the VIP trend, but in actuality, a lot of the VIP car builders took this look and style from European styling. Due to those entrepreneurial companies such as Wald and Artisan Spirits, these trends started to catch on. More and more custom fenders come out of the wood works and became a cult hit amongst the masses. I hope more people as well as companies come out with fender designs and expand upon such a small, yet intricate part of the car.

Well that’s enough background on the fenders. We will post up the interior pics once we get done with it.  You won’t guess what color it will be…

I know this question is going to be asked “what wheel is that?”

The wheel is made by LOCK SMICE and it came to us rusted and beat to shit.  We took that used wheel and did a triple chrome coating on it and that’s how they came out.  Enough chrome for you? hahaha.  The wheels have custom offsets and yes, there are no spacers behind those wheels!

Rear Fender

If you remember how this car was when it was first debuted, the fenders in the rear weren’t done right because it was rushed to get it done before the Lexus Holiday meet. Well it was redone right and painted after the meet so when you see this car at HIN LA in Anaheim, you will notice that the rear fenders won’t be the same and since we have a few pics of the outside we might as well show it to you.  Below is more pictures you can check out.  Enjoy everyone…

Pimprascle's GS

This is a few things we do at AUTOFASHION !