12 Dec The Chronicles – Year 8

8 years. That’s a very long time for anyone to be around and still stay relevant, yet still gaining traction and always evolving. That’s how I view Joey and his crew. A tireless crew that provides endless content in various forms of media while still staying on top of everything that is motorsports/aftermarket/etc related. It’s quite rare in this day and age to find any individual(s) that still shows passion in their craft. This event that Joey and those around him throw every year is a way for us to come together and show support for everything he’s done for us. Whether it be a photo from an event, a photoshoot for a feature, or even being part of one of his many vlogs, we all come together for one day to show support.

No matter how busy we are, we always come out and provide music/audio for the event. It’s the least we could do for what he has done for us. This year was no different. Even though many of us were beyond tired from working on cars for SEMA, we still had to make sure we came out. That’s how it usually goes for us every year. We stress on cars up til the saturday before SEMA, head to Joey’s event, do SEMA the entire amazing week, then end it all with our VIPFEST. This formula works and we’re happy to do it from now until forever. It’s basically become a tradition for many of us.

The cars that come to the event are always top notch. Many of them supporters of Joey and everything he has done over the years. With each passing year, the cars that come out always get better and better. With each year, also comes new faces and new cars that we haven’t seen before. What’s even better is that some of the event goers even bring out their car all the way from the other side of the country. Yup, there was a car that brought came all the way east coast. That alone speaks volumes of the kind of support that Joey and this event gets.

All in all, even though we were beyond tired and had to come back to the shop to continue working on cars, it was good times as always. Support those that support you. A phrase that we’ve always said and will always hold true for those that support us. So congrats again to Joey and we’re looking forward to year 9 and beyond!