02 Aug SuperStreet Tech Day Car Meet

Anything SuperStreet related is bound to be huge. And with them doing the event at the Petersen Museum, we just had to be there. It was well worth the drive up as this was a massively huge and successful event as so many cars lined up to show support and tour the museum. Bonus to it being a beautiful and ever so hot day. So hopping in the museum to cool down was definitely nice.

As we mentioned, cars filled up every single spot in the designated area as well as float into the top level and the one below it. Cars from all makes and models were displayed all over the place and it was every true car persons dream. Old School, New School and everything in between. JDM, Euro, VIP, Truck, etc. everything was represented and represented well. It truly was a sight to behold.

Of course, while we were there, we took a tour of the Petersen Museum. I’m very happy that we did. So many cars from decades past were all present in a very beautiful serene setting. Spending time looking at each model up close was amazing. You can really see all the different stylings between makers and how the evolution of different makers progress through history.

Not only do you get a small history lesson of cars, you almost get to learn all aspects of a car as they have a design studio that shows a cars process in various stages. From clay models, to wood, to the engine build; all were shown and displayed appropriately with care and providing enough information to provide us goers as to what we are seeing. If you every get a chance to go, definitely go to the museum, it’s definitely worth it.

All in all, we had a great time as always. Going to events to display vehicles, to hang out and visit friends we don’t get to see often is the reason why we consistently do these things. We love what we do and nothing will ever change about that. SoCal has one of the biggest car cultures and we hope to be a part of this scene for as long as possible. Passion over everything.