31 Jan SuperStreet and Illest present SuperIll!

In our world, SuperStreet is a household name. Everyone in the car scene always has a goal in mind when building their car. That goal is to one day grace the pages of SuperStreet and get a feature or even better, cover. So anytime they throw an event, people flock from all over to just partake and showoff what they got. Then, to top it all off, to see them work right alongside one of the bigger fashion companies in our scene, Illest, to throw an event, you just know it’s going to be massive. Thus, SuperIll was born.

Held at the newly built, The Source OC, a mall with a massive parking structure that’s still under construction, settled right in Orange County. As soon as we walked into the structure and made our way to the top, it really felt quite unique. Dj’s playing amazing music to keep the vibe going. Lights on all corners of the structure projecting and illuminating the area due to it being a night event. It felt and looked eerily reminiscent of HIN type events where people just go to hang out and just enjoy the festivities. I know we had a good time. Nothing serious, just amazing cars, solid music, delicious food and good times.

We definitely had a good time. Just a little sad we couldn’t bring a car with us this time. But next time, whenever this happens again, we will definitely be there show support for our friends at SuperStreet and Illest. Congrats on the launch and we’re looking forward to the next one!

Delicious MnM S2000 at the meet. Still have love for these cars and want to potentially build one. Maybe.

The home skillet @slwpnda. Thanks always for the support! Glad to see you driving this car literally everywhere!

No matter how many FRS/BRZ I see, this one will always catch my eye. It’s that color that is just oh so pretty.

Definitely good seeing this car and the owner as well. Good times and glad to see he brought this car out. Always love to see it.

Internet sensation even came out to play. It looks just oh so pretty. You’ll be seeing this a lot more soon!