27 Jul Super Star Visit and Tour

Super Star was a hell of an adventure day. First, the address we originally had sent us to their production site where they actually manufacture all the parts. The problem with that is that 1.) it was on the top of a friggin mountain through tiny side streets and avoiding kei cars. 2.) it was the wrong location for us to visit as we were meant to go to the Warehouse… not the manufacturing location. Oh well.


We were lucky enough to have an awesome opportunity and visit the Super Star Wheels warehouse. This is where they assemble all the wheels they make as well as ship them out from this location. It’s tucked away in between a bunch of different businesses and probably wouldn’t ever know about it unless you knew of it’s location.

This was a awesome experience as the owner of Super Star, after asking us about wheels and current trends, took us on a tour of the facility. Here we were able to see employees assemble the wheels and perform check after check ensuring the wheels were done with precision and care. It was a very interesting process and learned a little bit more about the wheel assembling process.

Then, after all was said and done, we were able to perform a photoshoot of a beautiful Crown Athlete. Fully equipped with J-Unit aero and 2 different sets of Leon Hardiritt wheels, one set on each side. It was just beautiful and made me really want a Crown. Sad, that we’ll never have these in the US as they truly are the most beautiful VIP cars available.


Though, i almost rarely do photoshoots, i’m happy with how some of these pics came out. Even though i had to deal with shitty lighting, damn you clouds and bright sun! But it worked out in the end and i’m definitely happy with these.

afjpn2016-3580afjpn2016-3898Thank you again to Super Star Wheels for taking care of us and providing us a closer look at everything you do.