11 Sep Stancenation Showoff Part 2

We unfortunately didn’t have a booth during this years StanceNation showoff. But, it gave us time to more casually enjoy the show and see what it’s about. It’s definitely a nice change of pace. Didn’t have to wake up early. Didn’t have to organize anything. Didn’t have to see who can show with us. Just a simple drive up and enjoy the venue for once. On top of being able to walk a little bit through DTLA and say hi to our friends at Bowls, which everyone needs to do because they’re amazing.

Last but not least, we enjoyed the venue. They fit in a ton of cars in such a small space and I was genuinely impressed they were able to pack all those cars in there cause I don’t think i could’ve done any of that haha. The quality of cars was great as well and we enjoyed what we saw. All types of styles were well in attendance at the show which allowed many show goers a small glimpse into the potential of what can be done to literally any car.

All in all, it was a fun event and it looks like things have gotten better over the years for Showoff as a whole. Good luck to them in all their future endeavors and thank you for checking out the blog like always!