10 Sep Stancenation Showoff Part 1

Showoff has been a staple in the car community for almost 20 years now. Back in the day it used to be one the best of the best for car shows. People would drive up and down the coast just to attend because it provided the best competition and the best place to showoff, no pun intended, what you got. Eventually, for whatever reason, Showoff ended up being, “just another show” after awhile. But, with the revival of the event with the help of the ever so popular Stancenation, things seem to be getting better for Showoff and its organizers.

One of the events that we were always personally fond of was the Nisei Showoff. What made this event special was that during Nisei Week in Downtown LA, they would throw the show at the same time. It was fun and entertaining for all families. It made for a perfect saturday afternoon spent at the show and at the festival. Thankfully, that tradition is still happening and us as car show goers, can still participate in the festivities in the best way we know how.

This year it was held in a parking structure that spiraled down a couple levels. It was actually a nice venue. Not too far from accessible fair activities and venues, and offered something a little bit different than your normal parking lot event. Especially with the venue/event being part of Nisei week, and being in the heart of DTLA, there’s plenty of things to do. You can spend time at the show for awhile, then walk a couple blocks away to get tasty deliciousness at any of the many food/snacks spot strung around DTLA and right back to finish the event. It’s all day fun!

Thank you for enjoy part 1! We’ll be wrapping up and finishing with part 2 very soon!