14 Nov StanceNation Japan Odaiba 2016

StanceNation has become synonymous within our community. A site that has covered many events over the years in a variety of different areas. Never sticking to just one culture, but embracing everything car related. Then finally, after covering so many events, they decided to finally start throwing there own. Some of the more successful, and slightly more intriguing to us, is there StanceNation Japan events. These shows have become powerhouses in Japan. So many cars come out to represent and show off their unique cars. Thanks to our staff out in Japan, we were able to get coverage of the event in all it’s glory.

Its all about the details!, The captain of this ship took it to another level with the custom helm as his steering wheel.  So much custom stuff that might not be appreciated by all but to us its amazing!

This Cima is so clean and has a classic VIP look.  Always love looking at clean VIP cars in Japan which is a hand full now a days…

Here is an example of that new look for some of the VIP cars now a days. Sasamoto-San Y33 is crazy and is an internet sensation for being slammed on coilovers and lots of negative camber.  Thank god that Japan roads are not as bad as the Cali roads…

Another famous car is this Jag. If you are a Jag owner or lover you already know about this car but for those that are just a big fan of the VIP look this car pulls it off and more!!!  Tsunehiro-San Did a great job on this car and had the pleasure to see it in person at one of our night meets.

This boosted Toyota Crown in red looks so good.  Even with the camber its not as bad as some of the new style cambered cars….

With the craze of the over fenders, Rocket Bunny, and Libertywalk this New Infiniti was well executed.

Cant get any more classy then a Toyota Century…

Another Internet sensation is this air ride equipped Ferrari Testarossa… love how they gave it that japanese feel to it. Good Job Ginpei Yamaguchi!!!!

Takemi from Lexon Japan brought out the ISC for the event.  Love how this car came out and had a chance to see it in person at WEKFEST JAPAN.

Its always good to see Supras but this one Im on the fence…

Leaving you with this picture of what new VIP cars look like…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We are only doing one part to this event so please check out the Gallery of cars.  Its a lot of cars and couldn’t get all of them.  Again thanks to our Autofashion USA Photographer @suujcm for getting coverage of this event.  More event coverage from Japan  coming soon =)