30 Dec Stancenation Anaheim 2017 Part 1

To continue the slew of blog posts that I’ve missed over the past couple months, here’s our coverage of Stancenation Anaheim!!

Stancenation is one of the most popular blogs to date. They covered so much variety in the industry that it only makes sense why they’re still on top. They started to do car shows in both the US and in Japan and everywhere they’ve gone, it’s been a tremendous success. Thankfully, they finally had one of their events close enough to us that we could finally attend. We really enjoyed ourselves at the event. Stancenation and it’s crew, brought out some of the best cars SoCal has to offer in one convenient location. It even had some cars at the event that I hadn’t seen all year long. Which was really impressive considering we go to all the major events throughout the year and have never seen some of the ones that showed up here. It was a true sight to see and we’re glad that we were apart of it. Looking forward to the next one!

Keeping these simple so we can get the content out there for you. Enjoy the pics! Part 2 will be available tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of the gallery below.