14 Sep Spocom Hawaii Part 3

At the end of it all, we’re thankful for these trips that allow us to visit some amazing places. We’re thankful as well to the people we consider our ohana when we get to visit Hawaii. Sure, we go out there for business but it’s our friends and family that make our time there feel the best. To sum it all up, thank you Hawaii for being amazing and thank you to Spocom for having us there and allowing us to be a part of the show. Please enjoy this final part!

One amazing Supra owned by an awesome person named Chris. Car is basically 80% carbon at this point. The only part remaining to be carbon is the rear bumped and the rear quarter panels. Such an overall amazing car that was definitely worth looking at if you’re ever in Hawaii!

Clean S2000 that was at the show. Everything about it just flowed so well.

Our love for 240’s grew on us over the past year or so for very obvious reasons. This was just overall well built and the engine bay as just as clean.

One of two debuts of the brand new Mode Perfume aero kit for the 3gs. Super clean build and glad it made it knowing that Ashley and her crew were working well into the morning day of the show making sure it’s as perfect as can be. Congrats on the debut!

These are going to pop up more and more as the months go on, but seeing this lovely R32 in person and see the work done to it was breath taking. Definitely need one of these in our lives.

Last but not least, Marshall from Airrex USA debuted his Kuhl Racing equipped Prius at Spocom. Such a dope car and always a clean build from our good friend.

I hope you all enjoyed the coverage!