13 Sep Spocom Hawaii 2016 Part 2

On top of all the things we talked about in the previous story, we were also able to judge at Spocom. It’s an honor and privilege to judge at any event, let alone Spocom. This definitely gave us a new perspective on the show. Typically at shows we do one of three things, man the booth when we have one, walk around and only look at the cars from the outside and only looking at cars in detail when it piques our interest. But as a judge, you really have to do more than that. You look at the car in more detail as you want to give it a fair and honest assessment so that your choices aren’t questioned when the announcements are made.

Though with all that pressure,  it was fun judging. You really get to speak to the owners and understand their build. Understand the struggles and joy they have in building their car. Learn all about the owners themselves as sometimes, they open up and love to talk to you and share in the passion of building cars. That is the rewarding side of judging. Not just looking at the car overall and try to criticize it, but really embrace the car culture as a whole and see it from all sides and perspectives.

We enjoyed meeting with everyone that took the time to show us their cars and let us peek into your mind as your told us all bout your car. It was fun and we hope to do it again! Thank you again Spocom for giving us the opportunity to judge. Enjoy part 2 and we’ll have part 3 coming up shortly!