12 Sep Spocom Hawaii 2016 Part 1

Hawaii is a wonderous place. The beauty of the islands, the food that’s increasingly delicious with every stop and finally, the cars that bring out some of the islands best representations of the individuals that own it. Everytime we make it out to Hawaii we always have to check out the locals cars as more often that not, they are some of the most immaculate and well built cars out there. Thankfully, we have shows like Spocom that bring all of those beautiful cars into one location, the Blaisdell center.

Hawaii shows offer something slightly different than most mainland shows. I guess it’s the “aloha spirit” or something but generally, people seem to be a lot more laid back and enjoy themselves at the show. The atmosphere is a lot more lighthearted and just going around the show, people are just happy and having fun. Especially if you walk anywhere near the Farmers Market booth. That whole section is literally like one mini party for everyone to enjoy. Dj, sexy ladies and exclusive gear you can only get at the show.

But, the main reason for going to any car show is of course, the cars. Hawaii has some of the nicest cars I think you’ll ever see. They have all flavors spread all over the show. You have VIP cars, JDM, Drift, Euro, a few domestics and of course, the ever so lovely Old School cars. Between the two halls, you’re greeted with pure passion and awe in everything you see. Our favorites, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise, are the VIP cars and the Old school cars. The VIP cars in Hawaii, more or less, do some pretty insane builds. Full builds where not just the interior, but the interior and audio system are fully done and impressively so.

The old school cars I don’t think I can say enough about. A majority of the old schools were brought to the show from our good friends of Old School Imports Hawaii, or OSIxHI for short. An awesome group of individuals that take pride in their cars as they’ve seen them go from worst to amazing through handwork and dedication. A couple of the old schools even won best of show year prior they are just that good. Restored from the ground up on top of adding their own twist on the classics just make for a well rounded, immaculate car.

For now, enjoy part 1 as we’ll be having part 2 and 3 coming up soon!