29 Dec Spocom Anaheim 2017 Part 2

No story this time. Just know, Spocom is the best and you need to go to every event of theirs. You won’t leave disappointed. Enjoy the pictures!

Jay’s oh so pretty GODZILLA that we had the pleasure of helping put together. Always looking pretty wherever he goes.

If anyone knows me, i absolutely love these small Hondas. So seeing one of these stateside and fixed up made me way happier than anything else.

There’s also a part of me that wanted a full Mugen s2k. One day, I will hopefully own one of these happy frogs.

One of the cleanest engine bays i’ve seen in a very long time. Such an immaculate car to boot! One of my favorites from the show.

Simple and clean is all you need sometimes. Loving the color combo.

Enjoy the rest of the gallery and this concludes Spocom!