28 Dec Spocom Anaheim 2017 Part 1

Here I am, posting up event coverage from about 5 months ago. I’m so good at this! I also apologize for lack of any updates. Things… happened. Projects piled up, I got lazy, etc. etc. I could probably go on and on as to why we never posted up coverage for quite some time, but that’s not what’s really important here. Let’s just go with “Hey, they’re providing me with tons of #tbt pics for the next couple of days!” Cause that sounds like a logical thing. Well, it’ll have to do. Welcome to the beginning of a giant blow out of coverage over the past few months.

First things first, Spocom Anaheim! We try and take pride in representing at Spocom. Spocom has always supported us over the many years that we have attended. The least we can do is try our best to represent the shop, business partners and ourselves. So with that, we had, not to toot our own horn, but we had the BEST booth out of anyone at the show. What really made us shine more than others is that we brought out a full LCD screen for the masses to see what videos we had playing vividly. We were really happy and excited with how it came out. We just hope everyone that enjoyed the booth as much as we did. That was also just one half of it. On the other side, and practically making up a little more than half the booth, we had the Mode Parfume booth setup along with a slew of demo cars to view in person. It was truly a perfect setup for us.

Enough boasting about our booth, because obviously I was very happy with it, but Spocom as a whole really was awesome as usual. Speaking to other manufacturers/shops/people in general always feels more genuine at Spocom than any other event. It leads to great conversations and helps people understand more from companies if they’re willing to spend time in talking with them. It promotes growth within our industry, which it desperately needs from time to time. But not only do they provide some of the industries best companies on display, they provide tons of entertainment throughout the day on their main stage. Dance performance, bikini contests and everything in between. Makes for an amazing day indeed.

While i could keep going on and on and on, i’ll keep this light. Gives more time for pictures. Enjoy part 1! Part 2 will be coming up next.

Rest of the pictures are in the gallery below!