18 Aug Spocom 10th Anniversary Part 2

To continue the Spocom 10th Anniversary, we bring you part 2! Spocom not only brings the best of the product side, but they also provide tons of entertainment. Some shows you get models as the only side distraction from the cars. But Spocom provides a bit more than that.

While I don’t have pictures of these things, yet and hopefully one day i’ll get around to doing it, but Spocom does provide a full model lounge. Some of the industries top models as well as up and coming models strut there stuff for all the people to ogle over and provide some much needed eye candy. On top of that, some/most/all these models participate in the bikini contest that Spocom throws as well. It’s definitely a worthwhile thing to take a gander at while there and enjoy the goodies.

While the bikini contest is one thing, on the other side of the spectrum, they also provide entertainment via their dance competition. Tons of teams from around SoCal, and maybe even NorCal all come to Spocom to do battle and provide us a peek into their world. Its fun to watch and definitely enjoyable to see them do all the craziness that they do.

Enjoy all of part 2 and part 3 will be available soon!

Note – Yah… all cars. No models and such in these galleries. Just a whole lot of carporn. Enjoy!