17 Aug Spocom 10th Anniversary Part 1

The very first Spocom, we were there. From that point on it was like a happy marriage. We were inseparable as we went to each and every single Spocom in SoCal, even one time to NorCal, that was coming up and went with pride. We went showing off not only our shop cars, but customer cars as well. Some car owners ended up becoming like family to us. Spocom will always hold a special spot for many of us at AF because it gave us another home and they always took care of us time after time.

Spocom has always been a favorite of ours to go to. It sets an industry standard not many can keep up with. Spocom not only provides an amazing car show, but also provides many people the opportunity to speak and consult with various companies from all different aspects of the car world. Suspension companies, motor component companies, wheel companies, tire companies, even down to detailing companies are all present with representatives to answer any of your needs.

I think thats one of the few reasons why Spocom does so well in our car world. You not only get the beautiful cars, but you also get the opportunity to conversate with some the industries top companies. It helps to build that relationship with us, the consumers, as it not only helps them┬áto better there products but helps them to also understand consumer wants and needs. So if you ever go to a Spocom, please don’t be afraid to speak to them. They need people like us to propel them and provide us better products in the future!

Please enjoy part 1! We’ll have part 2 up shortly as we have so much more to say about Spocom!