24 Oct Shukai San Jose – 2018

For the longest time, we were always asked to go to Shukai in San Jose. But, as the event tends to happen during our infamous “SEMA crunch”, we’ve never really had time. Building cars over the many years kind of took us away from being able to do events on a normal schedule. Finally though, this year, as we’ve taken a break from building anything SEMA this time, we had time to go! On top of it, we were kind of guilt tripped because they said it could potentially be the last one to ever occur. So with us not building anything for SEMA and the thought of it being the last one, we just had to make it out!

This is an NSX owned by an individual named Les. We actually gave him the “AutoFashion” award. We’ve known him from many many years ago and its crazy to know that this car still exists in this form. This was at least 10+ years ago with the 1/1 kit by BSM.

I don’t know the history behind Shukai. I’m not even going to make an attempt in trying to pretend like I know some kind of details about the event prior to this year. The only thing I do know from those that have attended, was that the event was one of those special ones that can’t simply be described so easily. But after finally attending, I can understand why they always talked about the event in such high praise. You see, the event has this atmosphere of simply, no egos. The people that are attending are going there to support the organizers and just have a good time. Everywhere I walked, people were enjoying the day with friends and family. It felt almost like a giant kickback in the middle of Japantown in San Jose. It was almost surreal the fact that they shutdown 3 blocks worth of the area and just had cars fill it up from end to end. It was definitely a day well spent.

I will say though, that the quality of cars that represented at the event were top notch. A sea of cars that covered almost every single category were on display. 90% of these weren’t even just simple dropped with wheels either. A lot of them had clean and well built engine bays, audio setups that were eye opening, and even a slew of itasha cars that are always so dope to look at. I think this is also another unique thing for Shukai. In the fact that regardless of your personal tastes, you will see something you can appreciate somewhere in the line up of cars.

Last but not least, we want to thank Cary for everything he’s done. Not only for us but for this event and the many many others that know him and that he has helped in any way possible. Such an amazing individual that, even though he was dead tired from getting everything ready for the event, he still spent time with us for dinner. I mean, he did owe us for coming ALL THE WAY OUT THERE. I kid I kid. He’s supported us for our events year after year and it’s seriously the least we could do. So thank you Cary. I really hope this doesn’t end up being the last one as we would definitely love to attend another one in the future. But not only Cary, but everyone that we met the night before, we want to say thank you for taking care of us and showing us a good time. We felt like a part of the group and we’ve just met some of these people for the time. So really though, for those that read this, thank you. 

We hope you enjoyed what you’ve read and I hope you liked the pictures!