29 Jan SEMA Prep and Show 2017

Saying this year was just as stressful as the year before is a huge understatement. We had a huge undertaking to get things done, literally everything was down to the wire. We tried to make things easier, but it never works out exactly how we want it to, no matter how early you start or how much you try and plan. Things happen, lessons get learned, we struggle through them, we pull together as a family and just get it done. That’s the basics of any SEMA. This year was no different.

Lets start with the EG. Oh how we love the EG. Last year, 2016, we never got to finish the car. A disappoint not only to ourselves, but a disappoint in letting many people down that relied on us to get it finished. We told ourselves that no matter what happens, we are going to get that damn EG done even if it kills us. Thankfully, we’re here today to tell the story. But it wasn’t easy. Due to some changes, we basically had to redo a lot of what we accomplished the year before. Making changes on how things work or which parts we used because it didn’t work the way we wanted it to or just finally being able to install parts we didn’t get a chance to last year. Then redoing all the paneling. Redoing the wiring. Repainting the entire car. A lot of effort went into the car this year. We also wanted to include ideas that we thought of after the SEMA 2016 show was done. Overall it made for something better and more complete by the time everything was done. But we’re happy and more satisfied than we were a year ago. That means much to us. We were satisfied with the end result. Were there improvements that we wish we could’ve done? Of course! Which car owner doesn’t want to consistently improve? While we still have many things left to do, we’re just a couple steps closer to actually bringing the car out on the track for some good times ahead! So expect to see it on the road soon.

Compared to the EG, the rest of the projects were, to say in a lighter tone, a bit more simple for us. We were presented with the opportunity to support our good friends at Mode Parfume and help to do their brand new S2000 Wide Body. We saw the concept designs and were super excited to see someone do it. But due to the EG project taking a lot of our money, we didn’t think we would be able to afford a second project. But, like we always do, we worked our magic and made things happen. We’re also very thankful to a lot of our sponsor that provided a ton of awesome parts. This definitely helped us ease ourselves into a more realistic project plan and helped to get things rolling. The end result, we’re happy. I truly love how this kit looks on the S2K. It complements the body lines and really offers something more unique in a market where people love to stand out from the crowd. I hope to see more iterations in the future as we truly love this kit.

Mode Parfume had also recently released a Nissan 370z kit. I remember first seeing it at Osaka Auto Messe in the Mode Parfume booth. I was blown away by how beautiful it looks and how it compliments and flows the natural body lines so well. On top of all that, the fitment of everything was 100%. So when we were the given the chance to actually work on one, it made me/us pretty excited. Thankfully, we didn’t have to buy this car this time and we found someone who had one. Our good friend Paully went and got himself a BRAND! NEW! CAR! From the moment he got it, we already started working on it. We brought the kit up to Buddha Concept Designs, had them put the kit on, which obviously fit like OEM because that’s how Mode does it and it was already into paint. After that, the Kaz Sus air suspension went in, the SSR wheels went on and just like that, one car of 4 down. This was probably the easiest and less stressful for all of us. Thank goodness. Hopefully some of you were able to see it while it was out at SEMA.

Last but not least, another very simple and easy car compared to the others. The Toyota C-HR is one of the new CUV’s that hit the market last year. We all really like the design, look and feel of the car. It just screams “drive me and you’ll love me”. We heard it loud and clear as one of our friends, Arnell, had picked one up earlier in the year. We were approached by our good friends at Mackin about putting a vehicle in their booth for SEMA. After some talk, we asked if they were ok with doing a C-HR for their booth and they gave us the go ahead. So here we are, a 4th project in the works. Thankfully, we have awesome friends that helped us whip the car into shape. SOS Kustomz helped redo the interior to the beautiful peanut butter it is today. Buddha Concept Designs again, helped make some customer door pieces for the car with their Carbon Fiber craftwork. They also helped to paint and install the dope Lexon kit, first one for the car, and that was it! We got a couple sets of Rays wheels that we put on the car and that was that! All done and ready for SEMA and proudly displayed in the Rays Wheels booth.