05 Jan Sema 2016 Part 3

Last but not least, SEMA provides an experience that not many conventions can. For business owners and industry folks alike, it definitely is something that is necessary in progressing our industry in some of the best ways possible. Direct communication with manufacturers to not only allow them to show off their latest and greatest, but it also provides an outlet for us to provide input on how we use their products and giving feedback is very precious to many manufacturers.

I really am kind of stuck here on what else to say. We love SEMA for what it is and what it represents and we’re definitely looking forward to next year and we hope you all follow our journey again next year for what we have up our sleeves. I think you’ll like what you see!

Such a dope RWB Porsche. Just perfect in our opinion.

No picture will ever do this car justice. The paint was just perfect and all the custom work done in the engine bay was immaculate.

Such a dope and clean setup for this R32 that was in the Greddy booth. Just beautiful.

So many dope engine bays spread all around. Clean and simple.

Thank you again to Austin for always supporting us with all your builds. This one came out so dope. Definitely looking forward to seeing your next one after this!

Out of all the E30’s popping up out of nowhere, this one is one of my favorites. Just the overall style and look to it is perfect.

Crazy BN Sports equipped FR-S. The over all and livery of this car was insane to see in person.

Last but not least, one of the favorites during SEMA, a Ferrari motor in an FR-S. Something not everyone could simply do. But Ryan Tuerck and his crew accomplished something amazing. Can’t wait to see this thing run in FD next year!

Thanks again for viewing all 3 parts for SEMA!!