21 Dec Sema 2016 Part 2

We really do enjoy SEMA during that week. Prior that though, we hate it because we stress out on cars more so than we originally thought. But after all is said and done, we’re glad to have been apart of it. Every year brings new challenges and opens up ventures we wouldn’t have normally taken if it weren’t for SEMA. We really do owe a lot to SEMA for giving us opportunity after opportunity to really showcase what we can do.

Though, this year specifically, we weren’t able to show off the best of what we can, it really just gives us a chance to elevate our projects for next year. With SEMA, it’s a constant evolution. An evolution of our industry. We go to SEMA to see the latest and greatest of what our industry has to offer. Whether it be the newest tech in Air Suspension or the latest wheel designs from some of our favorite manufacturers, Sema displays booths never disappoint.

But it’s not just the inside of the halls that provide us amazing sights. The entire outside area is littered with manufacturers as well! Along with drift demos and various other kinds of demos ranging from tool demos and even factory driving demos, you definitely get to experience it all. So even for those that don’t get to go inside, the outside is just as good as the inside sometimes. 

So dope. A BMW powered by an RB26? Sounds amazing in our book.

Rx7 equipped with a Rocket Bunny Kit. Hate it or love it, this really is a unique styling for such a classic car.

One of my absolute favorites. We really really love the new NSX design and really want one for ourselves. But seeing this GT3 version at SEMA really made our jaws drop.

Such a clean E30. Just simple style and perfect.

Congratulations again to Big Mike. It’s been a long time coming and we’re definitely glad he was able to FINALLY bring his car out. He’s gone through a lot with his rebuild and we’re glad to finally see it done and hitting the road again. You deserved all the awards and efforts for your build. Can’t wait to see it drive all over the place and even on the track!

One of our absolute favorite cars of SEMA. This Skyline in the OS Giken booth was stunning to say the least. It was just too beautiful for words. I think we ended up staring at this beauty for at least an hour along with having the OS Giken reps describing every single thing about this car because we wanted to know everything about it.

Thank you for viewing part 2. We’ll be wrapping up tomorrow with part 3!