20 Dec Sema 2016 Part 1

Oh SEMA. Every year, we greet you with open arms, to slowly realize we hate you because the time to finish our cars and any other projects happens so quickly that we forget how amazing the upcoming week is going to be. I think that sums up our SEMA experience this year compared to previous years. We had ambiguous dreams and hopes for our car that ended up getting the better of us in the end. We hoped to share our dream, our vision to the world, but it didn’t quite happen. We wanted to pride ourselves on something amazing that the world can experience right along with us. But, unfortunately for us and many of our friends/families, it didn’t happen. But after dwelling on it, I’ve come to terms with what happened. We don’t blame anyone. We’re not upset with anything that happened. We just wish we could’ve finished what we set out to do.

But moving past all that, because it’s basically in the past now and I’m over it, SEMA was a glorious event, stacked to the brim with cars from all around the globe. As a car enthusiast through and through, it’s hard to not be overjoyed by what SEMA is and what SEMA represents; a culmination of everything our industry does and the future of our industry in one place. It really holds a special place in many hearts. It brings people from every facet of our industry together in order to grow and expand. On top of it all, it really brings some of the most amazing project vehicles to one spot for all of us to be eye witness to. 

As exhausting as SEMA is, we do enjoy our time there. We get to reconnect with many of the companies we personally work closely with along with networking to various other companies for future endeavors. It really has helped us grow as a business being able to speak to many people from various areas of the automotive industry. Along with introducing us to new technologies that help to push the industry forward. We really do rely on SEMA to help us learn about the latest and greatest from the manufacturers themselves!

The pair of hand engraved beauties from Kuhl Racing always bring’s a smile to my face. They’re just amazingly intricate pieces of art.

Our brother from another mother and his beautiful LS400 after some changes. Those changes include a brand new aero from Mode Parfume, SSR TF1 Wheels, and some Mode Interior to go along with the whole theme. Glad to see Steve enjoying his car once again. The SoCal Legend lives on!

Still one of our favorite RC’s with full Rocket Bunny kit. Just the combination of the lines and the color with the kit really set it off.

Kato’s Z always has such a strong presence everywhere it goes. Knowing that this is going to be one of our future projects it really serves as a form of motivation to us.

One of the stars of SEMA for many. Mikey’s Porsche rocking that Old New kit straight from the motherland. Front and center in the Toyo booth was just perfect for all to see.

This being Part 1 of 3, i’ll leave it at that. Please enjoy part 2 and part 3 coming up soon!