1992-acura-nsx-rocket-bunny-front-lipWho would of thought that this blue chrome NSX would of made everyone’s feed a sea of blue… For being 1 of 1 here in the states at the time of the debut at SEMA this thing created so much attention good and bad.  To all the people that didnt give us credit for spending 3 days of no sleep right before SEMA and kept this thing under wraps(no pun intended) Thanks for showing your real colors.  We understand that this industry is so caught up in Social Media that they forget and well its ok we still love this industry just not all the people =).


What alot of people dont notice in this particular build is that is is supercharged by a pretty rare set up by Gruppe M.


A really unique feature of this build that not alot of people know is that 2 ft of the rear had to be cut off for the kit and replaced the trunk with a tub which after sema we added an AIREX suspension to the car and added a few of our touches to the trunk set up.


The interior of the NSX isnt all crazy but im sure in the future there will be more things on the back burner that will come out =)


Another interesting part of the NSX Rocket Bunny Kit is that the front is a clam shell and well not alot of people understand why but it is still a cool feature and always a conversation piece.


What makes this build so great to us is that it is owned by two of our good friends Robert and Yuri.  Thanks for letting us work on your baby!!!