07 Jan Pre VIPFest Meet in Vegas

First and foremost, thanks to our Squad One fam for helping us to organize this meet. Without all of your guys help, this wouldn’t have been possible. Every year, at the end of SEMA and before our annual VIPFest, we hold a meet in Vegas. This is a way for many of us to finally get together and just relax after the craziness that is SEMA. It also gives a chance for those that didn’t get to go to SEMA, a final chance to check out a couple of SEMA builds along with meeting the owners of said vehicles. It’s just a simple meet, nothing fancy.

We do want to thank every single person that came out. It ended up being a successful meet for the space that we had. Lots of beautiful cars came out and definitely some local ones that were just as amazing. I feel like everytime we throw this event, more and more cars come out. It’s even nice to see cars that came when we first started doing this years ago, still coming out in the same cars!

Next year, we definitely encourage everyone to come out and hang out. Regardless of bringing your car or not. It’s just a good time with chill vibes and gives everyone, including ourselves, a final chance to view everything SEMA just as it ends. Last but not least, THANK YOU! Thanks again to everyone who came out and spent you final night of SEMA with us. We love all y’all!

Staycrushing’s FR-S! Thanks for coming out my dude!

Even had the lolo’s come out and play. Glad to see all styles come out.

E30 equipped with that widebody goodness owned by FASTKID.

Even had some drift good good come on through. This S13 Coupe sounded so mean rolling around the meet. 

Freshly done SEMA, Jaycrays RC even came out. Thank you sir for making your way out to the meet!