30 Nov Players Select x CSF Open House 2019

After SEMA is usually a time for relaxation as AFFest is out of the way and we’re done with almost everything event related to end the year. BUT, the fine folks of CSF and Players Shows have other ideas in mind. For awhile now, they’ve introduced the Players Select show a couple weeks after SEMA. Since it’s held at CSF, they do an open house and it’s a really chill and amazing vibe.

We do enjoy going to this event every year. Not because we bring the music, but because it reminds us of our event. It’s just a laid back and good time kind of event and we really appreciate that. Lots of people to hang out with and chill with. Dope ass cars, some from SEMA so for those that didn’t get to see them, now have a chance, along with every day cars are spread out all over the event. There’s also a lot of euro cars and some really really high end builds that are spread all over this event so it’s awesome for those things alone. We do appreciate that they always invite us out every year because it gives us an opportunity to come out and take a more in depth look at cars we didn’t really get a good chance to see and check out at SEMA.

Hope you guys enjoyed the coverage and I will say for those that haven’t gone to this event, please come out next year. It will always be worth coming out to and enjoy the time and seeing the amazing cars!