16 Sep OSIxHI Meet & Greet 2016!

So after all the fun and excitement that was SpoCom, the following day provided us with a more laid back and casual meet that’s fun for all ages! While there were about 3 events throughout the day all in the same spot, literally you could’ve been there from like 10am – 8pm and have all kinds of cars show up, but we chose one that was later in the evening so we could run around in the morning and get some relaxation before heading back home the next day. So with that said, thank you to the fine folks of Old School Imports Hawaii, or OSIxHI for short, for putting together this meet. It gives us more opportunities to come out and embrace the car culture that you guys have out there and check out some amazing cars that we didn’t get to at SpoCom.

For the past couple years, we’ve been going to the OSIxHI meet and from last year to this year, it seems to have gotten bigger! It’s nice to come back and see meet ups like this grow in size as it helps to grow the community more than alienate it. I really enjoy coming to this meet because it offers a little bit of everything which i’ve come to enjoy. You have the old school cars, which makes sense since this part of the meet was brought to us by OSIxHI. You have the buggy’s that sound and look amazing. I really need to get more info about these because they’re amazing. On top of it, they play amazing music as they drive by and they have underglow! It’s the littler things that make me happy. Then you have the amazing mix of JDM cars. Honda/Acura and drift cars were all spread out in the area. At the very tail end, you had trucks/wagons in all shapes and sizes.

The only regret I had was that we couldn’t stay there longer. We got so busy in the afternoon that we got to the meet kind of late and had some dinner plans right after. But, we were at least able to walk around, talk story with people and check out all the cars. We didn’t mean to run that late but sometimes, when in paradise, things get lost in the shuffle. We promise, next time we come out, we’ll spend more time out there to hang out and chill more than we did this time.

Again, thank you to the crew from OSIxHI as well as everyone that came out to the meet. It was nice seeing new and old faces that we remember from last time we came out. Please enjoy the pictures and remember to tag us if you end up posting them up! Mahalo.