20 Jul Osaka Night Meet 2016

It’s definitely hard to describe Osaka car culture as Literally every form of is represented in some way, shape or form in this one city. You have your drifters, your van culture, your honda heads, euro people and even VIP champs running through every inch of the city. Maybe that’s why we love Osaka so much. We can pick any car and fit in somewhere regardless of which culture we represent.

With that, the culmination of every style showed up at the Osaka night meet presented by The Chronicles x Exceed Japan x Autofashion USA. It was just amazing at the sheer amount of cars that showed up to the meet. We couldn’t have been more thankful that this many people came out just for us.

I have no words for the cars as they were all amazing. So many cars were on display that i was just hoping i could shoot all of them before we left. I tried to capture everything possible… but it was cold and some didn’t come out as good as i liked cause I’m not that great of a picture taker person thing. Nevertheless, enjoy the gallery!