28 Jul Osaka Castle Tour like peasants

Even though both Freddie and Steve have gone to Osaka Castle before, I wanted to visit it myself because i want to see things i can only see in Japan and we haven’t done more “Cultural Tourism”, in that we haven’t been to many shrines or anything Japan specific. It’s always been more city thing or trying amazing food all over. So going to Osaka Castle was nice as a it truly was a beautiful castle and the grounds were just as amazing.

I’ll mainly let the pictures talk as there really isn’t much to say. But I truly loved seeing the castle and the rich history that the landmark possesses. All the helmet designs of the different generals and learning a little bit about each one. Then finally seeing out from the very top and seeing the land that the castle kept governance over was breathtaking. If you’ve never been to Osaka Castle then it’s definitely a stop to at least a couple hours going through and enjoying what the castle has to offer.