04 Apr Osaka Auto Messe 2017 Part 4

Our fourth and final coverage piece of Osaka Auto Messe. It’s an interesting thing being there for a full 2.5 days. I normally hate being at any convention for so long, but Osaka Auto Messe felt different for me. Blame it on being in Japan, the mecca of our industry, or blame it on all the fascinating things we got to see in one spot. But in reality, it was because we were surrounded by friends and family that made this experience so much more than just a car event experience. They were able to bring us around, introduce us to more people than we can remember and basically made sure our time there was spent well. So we can’t say thank you enough for all those that helped us enjoy Osaka Auto Messe to the fullest.

Enough with the sappiness and enjoy the final pictures that we can offer!

In Japan, literally anything is possible. Lot of the builds like this one from Wild Factory is one of infinite possibilities out there and proof that people just build what they want to build.

Just going to slightly interrupt the car pictures to show this man. The ultimate camera man. He literally had 4 DSLR’s, multiple flashes with soft boxes on them and a multitude of other things attached to him. Super impressed that he was able to walk around like this.

One day, we still really want to build a van. But for now, we can just enjoy ones like this from Affection.

Nothing like the amazingness that is boso styled cars. Especially with matching outfits. So dope.

Only people in Japan would have setups like this. I’m just super jealous they can afford multiple rims like this and I struggle to get one set.

The new Toyota C-HR were definitely the hits of Osaka Auto Messe. They came in all different designs and styles. It was definitely hard not to fall in love with these.

Fabulous kitted van? I didn’t think they did stuff like this but here we are, with this right in front of us. It was pretty dope that it was sporting the BRE livery to go with it.

Super GT race cars in all their glory for us to view. What I wouldn’t do to just do one ride along in one of these. Life goals for sure. Now I wonder which would be everyones favorites

The undisputed King of Crowns in all it’s glory. Definitely one of our favorites of Osaka Auto Messe.

To this day, I still find it humbling to see our stickers on anything else outside of shop cars, let alone seeing them in Japan. Made us feel just a little bit extra warm on the inside seeing things like this.

When camber is life. So many cars had this style going for em. Looks good, but I could never do this much myself.

This concludes our coverage of Osaka Auto Messe. I hope you all enjoyed it!