30 Mar Osaka Auto Messe 2017 Part 3

While some of what I said in the last post may have sounded a little harsh, it’s just the reality of events like this. People want to display the best of what they have to offer without potentially ruining it because they wanted to drive around with everything on. You want to come to events like this without any flaws from trying to showboat as 95% of the people won’t even see it rolling around until much much later. It’s like our SEMA. We will make adjustments and changes, if necessary, at the event to ensure that our vehicle is in tip top shape for everyone to enjoy. One scratch or scuff and the world will know about it because people like to point out flaws more so than anything. But I do give props to many of these people as when everything is setup perfect, it shows in every way possible.

I think at this point I’ve said most of what I needed to say so i’ll just continue with pictures!

Wide body Century??? Yes please! Another one of my favorites from Osaka Auto Messe!

A REAL! LIFE! Dekotora Truck!!! I nearly gushed when seeing this. I’ve always wanted to see one up close and personal and I finally got my chance. Tears were shed. Trust me.

Another of my must have sights to be seen, Kei Trucks! Fixed up like champs in every way possible. I need to build one of these ASAP!

I mean just look at them, these are some of the most badass vehicles in existence.

The possibilities are endless with these. Help us build one please!

I really wanted to stand on the edge of this to see if it would be strong enough to hold me up as it drove around. Oh how I want to make that a reality haha.

Honda S550… oh how I want you.

There was definitely no shortage of LS460’s at Osaka Auto Messe. While I’ve always thought the platform was kind of dead, Japan has shown me otherwise.

Even the Prius C had some dope setups. I’d be ok rollin around in this hybrid of amazing.

Less camber and this LS400 would be perfect.

The infamous “King of Crowns”. It truly stood above the rest in many many ways. Just perfect.

The sound systems on like 85% of the vehicles at the event were next level. I really do miss having complete cars both inside and out. Definitely need to step our game up.

An actual carbon fiber piece from the JGTC cars. This is what goes inside to where the seat bolts into. The engineering on this thing was amazing. Carbon Magic indeed.

And what better way to end this post with none other than the most beautiful cars from Liberty Walk. <3

One more part left so you definitely don’t want to miss out!