21 Mar Osaka Auto Messe 2017 Part 2

Osaka Auto Messe is definitely on everyones bucket list of “must do’s.” This event alone brings together all that we’ve only ever seen in magazines, videos, pictures and/or social media into one location for our eyes to oogle over. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Often times I’ll see cars on social media or on a website and have always wanted to see it up close. To see how they did their fenders or to see what’s new on the car. Osaka Auto Messe definitely allows such simple joys to become reality and we couldn’t have been happier.

It really is amazing to see up close some of the cars that we’ve only seen in the pages of a magazine. It opened my eyes to all the potential possibilities that only the crazy minds of Japan would ever think of. To witness the insane amount of camber they’re willing to roll in, as their car sits so beautifully in the showrooms. To also witness just how many spacers exist in any given spot. While most cars do look amazing in pictures, and for the most part look super impressive in person, I do get let down just a little bit at the excessive use of spacers. On top of it, most of these cars don’t really drive away like they would in the pictures. That car/van/kei car that has extreme cambered wheels, yah they’re probably going to swap those out by the end of the show. It sometimes ruins the illusion of it all, but in all honesty, i’m more impressed at any given time with what i’m seeing in front of me.

While sometimes being let down in that sense, that still doesn’t take away from everything I’ve seen. Just because I know if they really wanted to, they could just as simply roll out just like that without a care in the world. But, they’re being smart and truly don’t want to ruin everything they’ve worked so hard on building. While being impressed in every single way possible, and truly motivated, I had to give appreciation to all the new products that appeared. Everything from wheels, to bodykits to even shoes, all was properly displayed and made me want more in every way possible. I still think one of my favorite new products that was on display, and not because they helped us by allowing us to display our stuff in their booth, was the 370z kit made by Mode Parfume. Everything about it was super dope and amazing and just flowed so well with the car. I really hope a lot of people with 370z’s around the world end up picking it up because it’s definitely a beautiful kit.

Center lock Rays wheels? Oh how we wish we had anything that could use these.

One of the many brand new Toyota C-HR’s on display around Osaka Auto Messe. This one, brought to our friends from 326 Power, was pretty dope just dumped to the ground.

A beautiful D1 ready 180sx repine Team Toyo. Being a fellow owner, I loved this car in so many ways.

A GT-R in it’s natural form, race mode. I’d love to see this thing drive around a track just once.

Walking around, I was able to take a really good look at some of the Origin Lab cars that were on display at their booth. They opened up their doors just so I can take a closer look. Amazing work from them.

Just like this one from Origin Lab. A full Carbon Fiber shell, more or less. It had custom made Carbon Fiber body kit, hood, fenders, roof, doors, trunk, panels, etc. Every body part on this car was replaced with Carbon Fiber. I’m just glad I was able to speak with the owner and look under the hood too! I wanted all this so bad.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I want a Honda S550 so bad in so many ways.

I’m sure some have seen this by now, but Top Secret at in their booth a Nissan Skyline R32 with basically all GT-R internals. From the motor/transmission, the gauge cluster, steering wheel and even interior, everything was replaced with GT-R parts. A GT-R with a R32 shell. God was it amazing.

One of the impressive cars with attention to detail even had this DJ controller as it’s side mirror on the ready.

Last but not least, K-Break came out hard with their Vans/Kei Cars.

This covers and finishes up part 2 of our Osaka Auto Messe coverage! Look forward to part 3 coming up soon!