17 Mar Osaka Auto Messe 2017 Part 1

For the couple times that I’ve been to Japan, I’ve never had the opportunity to go to Osaka Auto Messe. Usually we’re on the Tokyo side of events or Osaka Auto Messe happens while we’re not there. But finally, finally it happened! We made sure to plan our stay in Japan so that we would be there long enough to be able to go to Osaka Auto Messe. With that said, it was AMAZING! I’m so glad that we stayed long enough to not only enjoy touring around Japan, but long enough to enjoy Osaka Auto Messe as well!

But first, let’s talk about japanese mexican food. Being from San Diego, we’re the undisputed KINGS of mexican food. Yes I will fight for that title because it’s beyond true. But, having enjoyed many forms of delicious Mexican food, you can say we’re kind of experts on the subject. So having the opportunity to try Mexican Food prepared in Japan, we jumped at the opportunity to do so. Let me say, San Diego is still the best and Japan has a long way to go before Mexican Food becomes amazing. BUT, it wasn’t too bad at all. It had all the right flavors and a little mix of what Japanese people prefer, which changes it to fit their tastes. It was by far not the worst mexican food i’ve had, but it wasn’t the best either. If you’re in Japan and need that Mexican Food fix, there are options to say the least.

Since coming back, people have always asked us, “which do you like better, Tokyo Auto Salon or Osaka Auto Messe?” In all honesty, I’ve loved and enjoyed both equally. But what each event contains and has on display are completely night and day. Imagine Tokyo Auto Salon being like SEMA. You have companies displaying new products along with cars with those products on. It has a very corporate feel to it because many of them are there to show the best of the best. While Osaka Auto Messe on the other hand, has that and much more. While not all companies are there, there’s a plethora of customer cars on display. That’s why in my opinion, while equal in many ways, Osaka Auto Messe is just a hair above because it has more of the cars we love.

We do have to first and foremost thank Mode Parfume for taking such good care of us and allowing us in your booth. Our relationship with Mode Parfume over the past year has grown so much. They’ve made it an effort to support us just like we’ve supported them over the years. They even allowed our logo’s and merchandise to be on display and sold in their booth during Osaka Auto Messe. We couldn’t have been happier or more thankful to them for this. So thank you again Mode Parfume, you’re the best!

Freddie with big boss man Shikata from S & Company. One of the very few Bugatti’s you’ll see at any of Japan’s events.

I only took a pic of this because I like the name. Spycy Tune will forever remain in my memories.

Such a sick Audi R8 that was on display. I definitely wouldn’t mind having this exact same setup.

That new new Vlene GT-R . It truly is a beautiful kit.

The Rocket Bunny Pandem Golf on display. Seeing it in person truly makes it shine. Definitely a favorite of ours.


While most are looking at high end, the love for Prius’s is still strong. Especially when they’re fully equipped with Wald goodies, it looks even more amazing.

GT-R + Rays will always make a happy combo. Always.

While I do have more to stay, I think i’ll save those for my next story! Stay tuned for the next set of pictures and the amazingness that is Osaka Auto Messe.