23 Nov Old School Goodness at JCCS 2016 Part 2

Over the years, I’ve learned to grow and love older cars more and more. Just raw vehicles in every way possible. Away goes the need for electronic this and electronic that and what you’re left with is just pure mean machines. That’s exactly what you’re getting when you go to JCCS. Literally 90% of the modified vehicles have some combination of an RB swap, a 2J swap, Nonturbo, Turbo, ITB’s, etc. The list can go on forever. But that’s truly what makes this event so special. All the same makes/models throughout the show and not one of them the same.

This one of the few events I will spend more time than is necessary looking through all the cars. Only because each one has that little bit extra that sets them off from the next. That rare piece of aero. That rare set of wheels that you only see once every year. It’s crazy the lengths that old school cars will go just to separate themselves from the rest of their competitors. It’s a nice change of pace from what is normally seen.

With that, this concludes all of JCCS. Trust me when we say, you NEED to go to this event and support it in every way possible. You really have to take your time going through many of these cars as they all offer something unique to them. Till next time!