10 Nov Old School Goodness at JCCS 2016 Part 1

For any fan of old school cars, there’s one event that you have to go to. Old school car fans from across the globe travel to this one event year after year. When you have people come from all over the globe, that’s how good it is and how important this event is to the community. That show is JCCS, Japanese Classic Car Show, held every year at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. This event alone presents more old schools at one venue than you’ll see throughout the year at any other event. It’s truly a sight to behold and be witness to. We’re glad to be able to head out there every year and see many of our friends and fam cars out there reppin.

Old School Japanese cars, in it’s purest form, are on display all over the venue. We loved walking through all of it. Rows and rows of cars reminiscent of the past. Styles and designs that fit both the old and new ways of modifying cars. The event has enough to make all kind of automotive fans happy.

I think that’s why we enjoy this event on so many levels. It has the old school cars we grew up with and love with so much passion. But at the same time, many of the cars have that new school vibe with styling choices and modification choices. You’ll see rows of the same chassis but you will never see one that’s modified exactly the same as the other. Individual expression is thoroughly represented with each car.

Please enjoy part 1 as part 2 will be available soon!