05 Sep Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day Part 1 2016

Nitto has been one of the premier tire companies out there in relation to all things aftermarket. The range of their products is basically infinite at this point and they dabble in a little bit of everything that needs tires. So for them to provide a FREE event for everyone to come check out, really proves how in sync they are with their customers and there fanbase.

This being a free event is truly impressive. They provide a little bit of everything so fans of various forms of automotive goodness can enjoy it. One one side of the event you have Trophy Trucks, Jeeps, Trucks of all shapes and sizes, and even buggy’s. As you walk your way through that area you were greeted to the sites of VIP cars, race cars, drift cars, American, and everything else in between. They were even able to hold a small car show for those that wanted to enter. It truly was an enthusiasts dream and definitely made for an amazing day.

Not only did they have cars on display, but throughout the day, Nitto sponsored drivers were able to provide entertainment. The drivers were able to, on an enclosed area of course, provide entertainment by allowing people to do ride alongs with the drivers while they drive on a course doing crazy amounts of speed, drifting and letting the fans enjoy a good show. It was impressive to see a lot of the cars, and even some trucks, slide around on the course and I’m sure those who got to ride along enjoyed it the most. Then even had some of the trucks going off jumps which was definitely a fun thing to watch.

Overall we had a super fun day and we’re thankful that Nitto gave us the opportunity to come out and have a booth. Enjoy part 1 of the coverage. Part 2 will be available tomorrow!