07 Aug Nissan Jam 2016

We typically don’t go to this event. Mainly because we ourselves didn’t have nissans until recently. But thanks to our Wild Cards fam, and their love of many Nissans, we decided to make the trek out to enjoy a day of fun and Nissans with them.

Its more of a low key event in that it’s still growing year by year and more or less outgrowing it’s space year after year. But in the end, it’s about the love for the manufacturer. They have huge variety of Nissans on display that cover literally everything. From the ever so popular Skyline R32/R33/R34 on display to the Nissan Trucks that your parents probably rocked back in the days. Everything in-between was well displayed and supported regardless of styling choices.

While not as mainstream as some other shows, this event still surely brings a good crowd with good attitudes. Everyone participating in the event and everyone going to the event are there for the pure love of everything Nissan and it showed. From young to old, everyone was in good spirits and simply enjoyed a day of awesome cars and good people. These are what make good events. Love and devotion to a single factor that allows for good times.

The organizers did such a great job year after year so a huge kudos to them. Hopefully by next year we’ll be able to bring out some of our cars to show some support!


Loving this white S13 With JDM front and Rocket Bunny Non wide body kit. He also did some fender additions too but not sure what he used but made the car even better looking. Well done sir.

brians s14

Always good to see Brian’s S14 with all them rare parts! Such a clean classic build.