11 Aug Nemo Garage Grand Opening!

When dealing with multiple events on a single day… it tends to become difficult on what to choose as far as what to go to. Luckily enough for us, the events on this day were a bit staggered so it made it easier for us to decide how we want to go to each event. So with that, we started off our day heading out to our friends at Nemos Garage to attend there grand opening.

To say it was hot was definitely an understatement that day. Going from nice AC cooled truck space to blazing 100+ heat sucked on so many levels. But, it still didn’t stop us from looking around and attending the grand opening. Nemos Garage has been around for quite a bit as some of you that do race have come to know and love everything they do. Especially as there cars perform extremely well on the track and have come to prove themselves an upcoming powerhouse in that scene.

Chuy was out there reppin in his yellow Type R.  Such a classic look that will never get old.


This Red EG caught my eye because of the front lip that he had on there.  It was something different then the norm and from this angle it doesnt look bad.  I was told it was a TCS lip but they could be wrong.  Either way it was a clean EG non the less!


Nathan was out there reppin in his Osaka Kanjo inspired EG.  Nathan has always been a great shop supporter and big ups to him and his build.  It sure came a long way and still being worked on! Keep up the good job!!!

We’ve come to enjoy what they do on and off the track and fully support everything they do. It’s nice to see growth in the track/race sector as often times, it’s not as fully supported as the show side. We look forward to getting some track time in the future as well with some of our cars and hopefully can join Nemos Garage for that! Congrats again to the fellas at Nemos Garage and good luck in the future!